A simple, fully-featured Hugo blogging theme with Dracula colors
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git repo

A simple, fully-featured Hugo blogging theme with Dracula colors.


  • Basic support for Gemini output
  • Full content RSS feed by default
  • Support for author/ multi-author posts
  • Support for "comments" through Mastodon's API (toot)
  • Optional openring styling (generates a list of recent posts from blogs you follow)
  • noindex param to prevent certain pages from being indexed



  • Version: https://git.earne.link/earnestma/dracublog/archive/$VERSION.tar.gz
  • Main branch: https://git.earne.link/earnestma/dracublog/archive/main.tar.gz

You can add themes/dracublog to .gitignore, and extract it there.

Through a git submodule

git submodule add https://git.earne.link/earnestma/dracublog.git themes/dracublog


Gemini Output

Improvements welcome.


suffixes = ["gmi"]

name = "GEMTEXT"
isPlainText = true
isHTML = false
mediaType = "text/gemini"
protocol = "gemini://"
permalinkable = true
path = "gemini/"

section = ["HTML", "RSS"]

Blog posts (post-filename.md):

A post that has both html and gemini output:

title: "Example"
date: 2020-01-01 13:23:00 -0500
draft: false
  - html
  - gemtext

Just gemini:

  - gemtext

Gemini content will go in the same post-filename.gmi. A Makefile or automated CI can be used to transfer output and exclude certain files/ directories to the correct directories.


Please see contributing.md. This project is licensed under the MIT License.