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title: "Status Update, May 2022"
date: 2022-05-16
categories: ["Status Update"]
forum_id: 23
Here's another status update for you all! The weather has been warming up the past few days in Toronto, which *has not* been very fun for me, as our house's AC doesn't really reach my room 😢🤬 Luckily as I'm writing this, because of the rain, it's cooled down to 13° outside and uhhh... 26° in my room.
## Site
Wrote one blog post! ([1 Month on my MacBook]( Minor updates were made, as well as [checking for broken links]( Discussion links were also added to some recent posts, so that you can comment on them at [ Discussion](
I've restarted work on, which has been going well! Recently I tweaked the theming so that it has similar [Gruvbox]( colors to this site.
## Life
I'm in my last month or so of school, and then I graduate high school! eek
No updates on university, although we'll have to make a decision by the end of the month.
In terms of programming, I'm planning on learning Rust when the summer begins.
### Productivity
Todoist has been serving my needs well and I might write a post on how I use it. Have stopped paper journalling, although I should probably pick it up again. Reached a 65 day streak in Duolingo, although I should probably start integrating some other resources as well.
### Music
My playlist for this quarter
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## Thank you for reading!
Have a great rest of your May 💜