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Seen my wallet? 2022-07-07 [Uncategorized Personal] seen-my-wallet true

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So, I lost my wallet today (Thurs Jul 7, 2022)... here's a just-in-case you found it & record-keeping post.

It's a black wallet that should have my contact details in a blue note inside. If you've found it you can email the address listed or Email Removed. Thanks!

Here's a recent picture of the inside:

{{< img "" "Inside of my wallet, blacked out driver's license" >}}

Possible locations in order of likeliness (high -> low):

  • On the YRT VIVA Purple Westbound bus
    • I don't remember the bus ID, but I got on at 7/McCowan at 15:20 and got off at 7/Bayview before 15:55
    • Sat in a middle right seat (right after the separator)
    • Noticed it missing after I got off, most likely fell out of my pocket on the bus.
  • At the 7/McCowan bus stop (link, street view)
  • Markville Mall


  • 2022-07-07 16h: Left a voicemail with the relevant YRT/ viva contractor.
  • 2022-07-10: Major props to TOK Transit VIVA, they found it and I picked it up!