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Status Update, July 2022 2022-07-15 [Status Update] 26

Welcome to my 6th status update! Crazy to think that I've been keeping this up for half a year. It's been quite a month for me, so let's start off with probably the most interesting things:

I haven't really been feeling well or motivated to do anything lately. Taking care of myself the best I can, hopefully it'll pass.

In other news, in the next little while (before summer ends) I'll be doing my ARCT Violin Exam and then possibly getting my wisdom teeth removed.

  • Switched to Apple Music from Spotify. Most, if not all my playlists have been transferred over (and of course my listening history is on Last.FM).
  • Trying to digital garden/ keep track of my notes in an organized way again - started a new vault (I've lost count of how many lol). Will be leaving it private for a while before I reconsider publishing it.
  • Learning some more Python and trying as much as possible to read ahead in uni courses for this year. I have a few projects in thought, we'll see if any get started/ finished though 😅
  • Integrated iOS Shortcuts + posting on Mastodon. Might make a blog post about that.

That's all! Be well, and see you next month 💜