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title: "Status Update, November 2022"
date: 2022-11-15
categories: ["Status Update"]
forum_id: 32
Hello again! Midterms and reading week are all over, so now it is less than a month until finals and Winter Break. I have 3 major assignments due by the end of this month alone and then another group one. 😅 On the roadmap -- if I procratinate enough, are a few more blog posts for this month, though!
This month, I started learning LaTeX. It's been fun and I'm actually doing more in it. I'm slowly getting the hang of making presentations with beamer - I'm working on basically tutoring someone in Grade 11 Functions (MCR3U), and using LaTeX for nice-looking slides/notes/problems. At some point I might make those resources available.
I also spun up a [Vikunja]( instance again! I'm using it to track code project-related tasks/ issues. Speaking of which, this website's build tool has been switched from GNU Make to [Just](, which I quite like.
That's all for this month! See you soon or next month.