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Status Update, October 2022 2022-10-16
Status Update

Hey everyone! This is October's status update post (happy Autumn 🍂). Midterms for me are coming up soon, which is way sooner than I expected 😬.

In terms of personal stuff I've been up to, reading is keeping me sane (almost to my goal of 150 books read this year).

I've also thought more about that personal project that I've wanted to start work on since maybe August (a collection of personal utilities, including a quarantine/ test tracker). I could do it as it's own website, or recently I've thought of developing it as a Nextcloud app, since everyone who'd need to know already has an account on my instance. An issue with that is that I know next to no PHP/ Javascript/ Vue, but then again I'd have to learn and possibly do more from scratch in Python, so we'll see.

I also got my 4th COVID-19 booster this week. Since we're on the topic, especially since a new wave is once again starting (and comes with new and worse symptoms), please wear an N95 or better respirator! I'll leave some links here:

That's all for this month! Be well, and see you next month.