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2 Years of this website! 2022-07-23 [Meta Personal] 27

Just a few days ago, my website/ personal web presence turned 2 years old! 🎉

It all started on a GitHub Pages/ Netlify + Hugo setup, which was my first experience with using HTML/CSS + git - I had just finished the grade 11 computer science course for school. Eventually, I bought a domain name (initially and then moved to selfhosting, which is how and a bunch of other useful services I found along the way (Gitea, Nextcloud, and email at first) formed, along with my re-interest in Linux.

There was a short period of using WordPress before I moved back to Hugo, using my own theme, which is where we are at the moment! I'm quite happy with it.

I have some interest in rewriting my website to an actual blog engine of sorts, but that will likely happen next summer, if even at all.

That's all for this post - although I will mention that if you don't have a website and would like to make one, I would highly recommend it! There are so many (free) options these days to use - let me know if you have any questions in general or about my setup - I'll do my best to answer :)