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Hugo ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Bear Blog Test Pay me Sponsor me

🧸 A Hugo-theme based on Bear Blog.

Free, no-nonsense, super-fast blogging.


For a current & working demo of this theme, please check out 🎯.




When the user's browser is running »dark mode«, the dark color scheme will be used automatically. The default is the light/white color scheme. Check out the style.html-file for the implementation.

Sponsor 💟

Support my work on this theme via GitHub Sponsors (recurring) or PayPal (one-time).

GitHub Stats


If you already have a Hugo site on your machine, you can simply add this theme via

git submodule add themes/hugo-bearblog

Then, adjust the config.toml as detailed below.

For more information, read the official setup guide of Hugo.

Adjust configuration / config.toml

Please check out the config.toml included in the exampleSite of this theme.

Content & structure

Starting fresh

If you are starting fresh, simply copy over the contents of the exampleSite-directory included in this theme to your source directory. That should give you a good idea about how things work, and then you can go on from there to make the site your own.

Adding / editing content


The contents of the index-page may be changed by editing your content/


You can add a new page via running

hugo new


You can add a new blog-post via running

hugo new blog/

Adding your branding / colors / css

Add a custom_head.html-file to your layouts/partials-directory. In there you may add a <style>-tag, or you may add a <link>-tag referencing your own custom.css (in case you prefer to have a separate .css-file). Check out the style.html-file to find out which CSS-styles are applied by default.

Issues / Feedback / Contributing

Please use GitHub issues and Pull Requests.

If you do not have a GitHub-account, please hit me up via e-mail (see

Special Thanks 🎁

A special thank you goes out to Herman, for creating the original ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Bear Blog.


MIT License © Jan Raasch